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White Pine Top

Annual Flamingo Cup Club Series Race Event

February 05, 2022 - January 01, 1970

Hosted by White Pine Ski Resort
Co-Hosted with the Sublette County Ski & Snowboard Association

The Flamingo Cup is part of the Club Series.  The Club Series is a regional (Snow King, Teton Village, Grand Targhee and White Pine) race series that serves as a fun introduction to ski racing.  The Club Series is designed to provide the opportunity to race locally (day trips), very inexpensively, and is open to all.

The Flamingo Cup is held each year to remember Bruce Carlson.  Bruce was the head of the race course crew for many years.  Setting up and maintaining many of the training courses that were set up on training days.  He was always there setting the safety net for races.  Keeping the course smooth during the races and always the last off the hill after the races. Bruce passed away April 2012.

You may see or hear “RPC Always Faster” on the hill. What does that mean?  What the letters stood for is no longer significant. “RPC” and “Always Faster” have taken on their own meaning.  This is a quote from Laney J. and Jenny B, who were the original RPC girls, which may give you a better understanding.

“As many of you know, Always Faster is the RPC motto. Where this came from, was simply his way of encouraging us to do our best on the ski hill. And later everything. Always faster, isn’t just about skiing. Bruce wanted us to be not only faster, but always better, always stronger, always smarter, always happier, and always striving to be our best. It is more of a motto for life now, than just for the RPC’s. It is always a motivation that we carry throughout our lives, even when we left home and went to college; we still live by the values and ethics that Bruce set out for us. We are so grateful for everything that Bruce has provided for us, and we will never fill the space in our hearts that was left for him.”

Come join us at the Flamingo Cup.  Wear your spring costume and join the fun!


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