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Horse Rules & Regulations

Due to the rise in equine health issues across the country, as well as for the safety of our own equine guests, all travelers with horses who are camping in the White Pine campground and/or utilizing the White Pine corrals, must provide a current health certificate, and negative Coggins test, from a licensed veterinarian for each horse.

The Wyoming Livestock Board requires these documents anyway to bring any livestock (including horses) into the state.

Wyoming Regulations:
To come into Wyoming, all equine – including donkeys, horses, and mules – are required to have an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health certificate) issued by an accredited veterinarian from the state of origin. These certificates are valid for 30 days. Additionally, a negative EIA test (commonly known as a Coggins test), the official test for equine infectious anemia, is required within 12 months prior to importation.

These regulations are meant to prevent infectious equine diseases from spreading in Wyoming. Animal owners are responsible for complying with these regulations.

Horse Rules & Regulations:

  • Negative Coggins Test required for all equine guests.
  • Health Certification required for all out of state equine within 30 days of travel.
  • Secure all gates.
  • Each guest is responsible for feeding and watering their own horse(s).
  • Any feed hay brought in must be Certified Weed Free per USFS Regulation.
  • Each guest is responsible for cleaning up after their own horse(s).
  • $50.00 fee will be assessed if your assigned corral is left unclean.