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Pack Trips

Whether you are a novice or an experienced horse lover you are sure to get some of the most spectacular riding adventurers with White Pine Outfitters! We’ve put together some fantastic pack trips for that you and your family or friends will love!

White Pine Pack Trips boast some of the most exclusive horseback trips to stunning locations off the beaten path. We provide you & your party a private ride in order to make sure your experience is truly yours. We can customize most any ride to suit your needs.

White Pine pack trips are not your everyday trail ride! Our guides are here to help you learn how to ride your horse rather than being just a passenger. Our horses are very experienced, sweet, easy to handle & will take good care of you on your adventure! We take excellent care of our horses so they can take care of you!

All Accommodation Pack Trips

Our All Accommodation 3-10 day pack trips are for 2 – 8 people depending on seasonal circumstances and include fully cooked meals, comfortable sleeping accommodations and stunning views of the Wind River Mountains and wildlife.

White Pine also provides Spot Pack trips and Gear Drops for those more experienced hikers and back packers.

All Accommodation Pack Trip Rates:

  • $375.00 per person, per day for groups of 4 up to 8
  • $395.00 per person, per day for groups of 3 or less.

Maximum 75 pounds carry weight per person


  • 2-3 Guides, Gentle & experienced Horses and Pack Horses.
  • Quality Camping Equipment and Sleeping Accommodations.
  • Gourmet Meals and Snacks and a Camp Cook and Jack to make your trip comfortable.

What To Bring:

Water, Lip Balm, Sun Block, Wide Brimmed Hat, Extra Socks, Closed Toe Boots with Good Tread, Gloves, Travel-Sized Personal Items, Bug Spray, Allergy or Other Medications. 1 Light-Weight Day Pack. We will advise you of any other items you may need according to your trip.

Spot Pack Trips

Spot Pack Trips are designed to get your gear to your favorite camp site. Direct us to a wilderness destination or we’ll be happy to suggest some of our favorite camp sites. Choose from one or two way trips. You supply all of your own food and camping equipment and would be on your own. We will drop you in areas that provide ideal fishing and scenic views with day trips to a variety of different areas, streams and lakes. We will be happy to pack your gear in your backpack frames, duffel bags or loose, at your discretion or supply you with assistance or instruction on how to pack you gear.

Spot Pack Rates:

  • $500.00 per person round trip
  • $275.00 per person one way trip ( this is if you have arranged for a pick up at the end of your

*Prices are for 4 or more people. Please call for price quotes for less than 4 people.


  • Round Trip: 1 pack horse & 1/2 pack horse per person
  • One Way Trips: 1 pack horse per person

*Extra Pack Animals: $175.00 per day per animal

*Maximum 75 pounds gear per person

Gear Drops
These professional wilderness pack trips are designed with the backpacker and mountain climber in mind. We will pack and drop your gear and/or backpacks into the wilderness up to 15 miles and back out of the wilderness, at your direction or we will guide you to some of our favorite secret camps. White Pine outfitters are the most experienced and knowledgeable who pack into the Wind Rivers but also pack from many other trail heads in and around the area.

Gear Drop Rates:

  • $200.00 per day per guide/wrangler
  • $175.00 per day per pack animal
  • $125.00 per day per extra wrangler plus 4-5 extra pack animals

*Maximum 150 pounds per day per pack animal


  • Experienced guides/ wranglers and pack horses per day

These trips are designed for 4 or more people. Please call for price quotes for less than 4 people.

Book your personalized pack trip today and see why we say White Pine Outfitters is the best kept secret
in the Wind Rivers!