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Snowsports Clubs at White Pine

Ski clubs create great friendships that could only begin on the ski slopes.  You’ll meet new friends with common winter sport interests, whether it is skiing or snowboarding.
Ski clubs are great for networking, or just relaxing, with special friends.

Seniors Club

Has it been a while since you were on skis?  Have you had an injury or surgery you’re coming back from?  Or you’d really like to start skiing again but you’re just not sure how to get back into it?  It’s not too late!  Join the White Pine Seniors Club and let the Snow Pros at White Pine get you back on the slopes!  Enjoy the company of new and existing friends who want to ski and have fun while skiing at your own pace.

Ladies Club

Want to make new friends?  Join White Pine’s Ladies’ Ski Club!!
Hang with others on the slopes or on the patio with like-minded ladies!

Kids Club

The White Pine Junior Snowsports Club is organized by the White Pine Foundation which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting the sport of skiing and snowboarding.  Extremely fun events and huge resort discounts!  Learn more…