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Ski Bike Policy


  • An anti-runaway device (Leash) or restraint must be present between the device and the rider (either with a breakaway link or removable when on chair lifts).
  • An anti-drop device or restraint for use on chairlifts must be present between the device and the chairlift (not attached to the rider) to prevent the device from physically becoming separated from the rider and the chair and potentially being dropped.  Chairlift safety bar must be used when transporting ski bikes.
  • No cut off skis with exposed square ends, unfinished fabrication or unnecessary protrusions.
  • The device design should not impede the normal operation of the facility.  The rider must be able to self-load and unload without slowing the lift down. The rider must sit on an outside  position on the chair and must be able to slide/ride off the lift at the same pace as other customers, not walk off the ramp or interfere with other guests.
  • The device must not be motorized.

RIDER SKILLS/RULES:  Just like our ski and snowboard customers, snow bike riders must obey the Wyoming Skier Safety Act and Skiers Responsibility Code.

RIDER KNOWLEDGE: Before being allowed to ride White Pine’s ski hill, the rider must be able to demonstrate knowledge and safe use of the ski bike to White Pine Ski Patrol.  The rider must know any and all safe use requirements specific to their equipment.  The rider should demonstrate safe riding practices and awareness of other mountain users in their immediate vicinity at all times. A violation of this policy will result in your ski/snow bike riding privileges being revoked with no refund issued.  White Pine Ski Patrol reserves the right to stop any activity that they
deem dangerous to the customer or other customers.