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Uphill Travel Policy

Uphill travel by means of skinning or snowshoeing has gained popularity in recent years. White Pine welcomes and supports our guests looking to enjoy our mountain in this manner. However, for the safety of our customers and employees we ask that everyone follow these rules:

  • Uphill travelers using our trails when the mountain is not open are doing so at their own risk. There are no ski patrol services available at these times and cell service is spotty at best on the mountain. In the event of an emergency call 911 or call the Sublette County Sheriff’s office dispatch directly at 307-367-4378.
  • Uphill travel during operating hours is limited to the designated uphill travel route, as approved by the Pinedale BTNF Ranger District: along climber’s left side (downhill skier’s right side) of Wind River Return, thence Wind River to the top.  Large maps showing this uphill travel route are conveniently located in the lodge and near the base lift station.
  • Please remember as an uphill user, you are a guest of the resort and fall under the same terms, conditions, acknowledgement of risk and release of liability as any other guest of the ski area.
  • Uphill travelers skiing when the mountain is operating must abide by all rules that apply to lift-served skiers. Specifically, skiing down a closed run is strictly prohibited.
  • Uphill travelers, as skiers/snowboarders, should know and follow “Your Responsibility Code” as well as the Wyoming Skier Safety Act at all times.
  • Uphill travelers using our mountain to gain access to the backcountry should be familiar with the Backcountry Code of Conduct: Ski Kind (www.skikind.org).
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the mountain ski slopes during operating hours.
  • Uphill travel is subject to closure at any time due to certain operations and conditions.
  • At no time is the use of a snowmobile allowed for access to skiing on our mountain.  The only snowmobiles allowed on the ski hill at any time are those used by ski patrol, White Pine maintenance staff, USFS staff, and/or communication tower maintenance staff.
  • After our winter resort operations end, uphill traffic (by means of skinning, snowshoeing, etc.) is still allowed as long as cover allows.